No Rap Cap by M1llionz

[Verse 1]
My mum ain't even got my number and this dead ting really talkin' 'bout Facetime, bitch
Had a rocket in my pocket cah I had no belt to hold up the waistline
I seen two different youts at the same time (Ah)
Which one should I choose? (Huh)
I seen one of them last week, to be fair, man, it's deep if I touch up the same guy (Hahaha)
It's a stolen A5 cah the ST had a faulty break light (Skrrt)
New shape ready on the M way, it's mad though, I still reload on train lines (Mmm)
Fuck Galton Bridge Station, man, New Street got way more options (True)
Ringtone constant, had the old phone like 80's Compton (Brrt, brrt)
[?] I ain't stunting
Love these black tings 'cause they bring all the guns in (Baow)
Winter, goin' fur on my hood like I'm hunting (Woo)
Man's bad, this ain't cost him
I still gotta have it in family functions (Whoosh)
Try pull up but them man blundered
Must have thought man's ting weren't one hundred
Would you really risk it?
Ten times in the AMPR in the same week (Would you really?)
It's a '13 plate but it comes up as a '015 A3 (Neoww)
Remember nan try say that I'm lazy
Little did she know that my work rate's brazy
Cah the light's yellow like Lauren London and the dark one brown like Kelis (Baow)
I was homeless 'til I met Paddy, one of each, now [?] both happy
I don't give a shit how I look when I'm trappy
Man clinged up some Rizla bubs in trackies
Double H mad slappy, I see him put 150 on a bally (Woi-oi)
Man do it in style
He said he might ride, he ain't done it in a while (Boo)
Snub nosed up semi-auto's
I was on the wing doin' [?] on zonal's (Ooft)
Flick shank in my school clothes
BG got it with my [?]
Me and them man there ain't cool bro
I build blocks, I don't know about [?]
Man don't French kiss, I ain't from Bordeaux
Mad gyal, you must be talking [?]

Just moved three box of the loud off my Snapchat (Ah)
Thinkin' back (Huh), dunno why I had my shank in my backpack
Shoulda had it on my waistline, through the grapevine, I heard them man rap cap (Cappin')
Man trap and walkin' machines, the shotters and shooters gimme the clean, that's fact-facts (Baow)

[Verse 2]
Done 365 days in the bando, same way I done the same amount in the jailhouse (Huh?)
First track, I can't get bail now, [?] I ain't sendin' no mail out (Brrt)
Told bro that them funny youts played and my dargs pull up, 50, bring the tape out
Man just rev up the vehicle, [?] rise copper and make them boy there fade out
Deuce in a commercial rave
Big .44 in the yardie motion (Hmm)
Man pull up like, "What's the commotion?"
Man ain't cuffing, man rising, I'm boastin'
Produce and don't shoot? You must be smoking, joke ting (Huh)
Neutral down the hill, man's rolling
True say, I heard that the man's patrolling
Might switch my spot to American bando
B, this [?] for the letterbox
At least that way the cats won't be waitin' around on the road and man's never off
Cash didn't know how to let it off
Had to bareback the gyal on the main road, had the big man just jettin' off (Woi-oi) (Baow)

Song writer(s): M1llionz

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