Noose by Biting Elbows

Alright, alright...

[Verse 1]
Working late on a Saturday night
Some things depend on me
A full of tank of gas with nowhere to go
Is sadness guaranteed
Others call, I don't care at all
But for her I drop it all
What is money what is time
To a man with a woman on his mind

Yeah, a woman on his mind

She's the sweetest noose around my neck
And the chair I'll kick to end this act

Don't tell me I have to go
I am busy living it up
Night are generally fine
But the days are fucked up

[Verse 2]
Walking home on a Sunday morning
Body starts to shake
Calmly lie down on the tracks
Bitten by a snake
I am rattled and unravelled
She makes me feel like time travel
Hot outside, I got November
Peace of mind I can't remember

If you're bound to let me down
I will sleep upon the snow
If destruction by the name

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