Now Or Nevermore by Grailknights

Many sails at rest
Tomorrow I'll be blessed
By a blast of wind
By a distant glint
By a swell of hipe
That will shake the stars
Lurking danger's near
I have to face my fear
In the spectral deep
Death might have fallen asleep
Silence screams out so loud
Echoes eternally

My life is a journey
My life is a quest
Does never stand still
Remains in unrest
My life is a battle
My heart rests with you
When the hour has come
Leave no more ado

On the silent sea, sailling silently
To the shores of eternity
Where no breakers roar
Will you greet us ashore?
Brothers ho, it's now or nevermore
And when all time's done
I'll be standing one
Behind the line of blue
There I shall wair for you
Beneath the silent Moon
Beyond infinity
In the dead of night
Under the stars' dim light
I dream beside the sea
A dream that could not be
The waves that meet the shore
Say "Dreamer, dream no more!"

I know one day we will return
I know one day we'll have to learn
That life's too short to waste the days
That life's too short to miss the pace


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