Nuskie Living by Big30

Blrrrd, blrrrd
(KJ, let the beat knock)
Big Blrrrd
(Once again, I'm locked in with TP, we finna make a hit)

I'm in the booth right now thinkin' 'bout Nuskie, I'm so fuckin' high
Swear it's so hard to leave that murder zone, can't leave until somethin' die (On God)
Shit broke my heart to look Miss Sheila in her eyes and watch her cry (Shit hurt)
And Pooh Bear out his top since you been gone, all lil' bruh know is slide
But I can't knock him (Knock him)
He done got a lil' taste of blood, ain't no way I can stop him (It ain't no stopping)
Ten shots from the switch killed him so quick, that pussy couldn't holler (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
They got me fucked up (They got me fucked up), I lost NuskiŠµ, turned 'round and lost Dolla
Forever smokŠµ, on my daughter (On my baby)
'Til all of them bitches slaughtered (Blrrrd), I want all them pussies dead (Dead)
Ain't no monkey in the middle, monkeys catch one to the head (To the head)
Try to set me up, I'm puttin' that Draco right between your legs (Between your legs)
Soon I squeeze this trigger, put your clit by your head on the bed (Pussy by your head)
I never think with my dick, think with my Glock, trust in my aim (On God)
He let a baby set him up, his ass a dead shame (Fool)
Sixty shots all through his back, left him laid up with bed stains (Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd)
We live by LOE, loyalty over everything (Everything)
Swear since I lost you, nigga, I been gettin' high as I can (I can)
Percocet, Percocet, Wockhardt, exotic, and Xan' (Perc', Perkies)
I can't be sober dealing with this, too much for one man (At all)
Standin' on business, takin' whatever come with the plan (On God)
I'ma stick with the plan, takin' whatever come with it (Come with it)
30 the murder man (Murder, murder), I'ma send shots at your fitted (Your fitted)
I better not drop a bag on one, everybody gon' get it (Better not, gon' get it)
I'm EBK, might drop a million on your whole committee (Whole clique)
Ayy, and lately I been feeling like the last man standing (Last man)
And I'ma keep on spending 'til they last man vanish (Last man)
For speaking on my nigga, got hit with this Drac' and panicked (On Nuskie)
And you a ho under them jeans, your bitch ass wearing panties (A bitch)
I remember thuggin' on Willet all the way back to Janis (Willet)
Way before rappin', I was trappin', posted with the 'matic (Willet)
You speak on Nuskie, you gon' die, now look at him exactly (What happened?)
You can go ask him how he died, but he can't say what happened (At all)
For thinkin' I'm just rappin' (He dead)
For thinkin' I won't pull a massacre or a family tragedy (He dead)
One day he here, next day he gone, we call that murder magic (It's murder)
Spit thunder out my Glock, boy, don't get shot and feel that static (Got 'em)
Blrrrd, blrrrd (Blrrrd), that's them choppers rapid (Blrrrd)
You hear that sound, that mean them members near with automatics (Blrrrd)
Don't want no Tech, don't want no Trish, I got a Wocky habit (Wock', Wock', Wock')
In love with fast cars, codeine, and Percocet tablets (Perkies), blrrrd
I can't wait to switch you up and finish with the Drac' (I can't wait)
I can't wait to stand over you, eight shots to the face (AK)
I can't wait to catch you on the interstate with bae (With your bae)
Or catch you out to eat, put your face on the dinner plate (While up out of state)
Blrrrd, blrrrd, blrrrd
Blrrrd, blrrrd, Big Blrrrd

Song writer(s): BIG30, DJ KJ , TP808

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