Obscenely Poetic by Rhys Langston

Kamer-yunker outside the library tower
Historical figures on a suspension bridge
Literary references reneged, postmodernists glower
Harryette Mullen on the internet doing readings

Walking around Los Angeles
With Japanese syllables
And nary a transplant is an organ donor
Keepsakes in so far as trampling begonias
In Chelsea boots and redressed malfeasance
Is won't to
So finish the action or declaim the stanza
While asking my opinions
On the latest cyborg minstrelsy
I only hear Peter Frampton
In Fermat's theorem
Drinking fernet to drown these pillory norms
This infinitesimal underground parochial hobnob
Circle jerk purist, hierarchical porn

Rather lose me in my process
In Santee Alley bestowed with fake watches
With the time unwound
So I'll breath upbraiding and dressing down

I will no longer dress down
I will do it no more

Because I purvey the obscenely poetic
In and of itself

Kamer-yunker makes collages of
Deconstructionist paper
Befriends his labor
Turns it extroverted
Tucks it in at night, bedside reads it Hegel
Black identity trapeze artist balanced with
Bagels, capers
Augments corporality in scales
Minor and major, intervals, quad flavors
Bemused refusing sexual favors
(you know, not because chastity is a virtue or
Anything… it's just preference)

The way stuffing is dressing
The eventide is an invitation to
One's own beheading
On the internet
Neurons halved
And the speakers seem to be listening
As poetry is cancelled as a dead fad
Literally a run-off elective as
Digital recall takes trains of thought
To a time after brown bound hands
Drove spikes in red clay and across continents
Writes the self-congratulatory high yellow
Carl Chessman

Let in to his grad program
On admissions of guilt
Possessing 45 limericks and
Five long rifle weapons

(well not that violence is a sole solution…
But it is part of praxis
I don't know)
And now you see why it's obscene for me
To be expressing my thoughts so freely

I should be tied up and held down
But no one will do that

Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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