Of Solitude And Cosmic Streams by Sanguis

Time is meaningless for me as I regret your death
On your grave I stand remember you with a knife at hand
The raindrops are touching me but a smile is in my face
I look into the twilight sky, entering I open my veins.

Reborn trinity in flames - darkness beckons me with night
In endless solitude - I dwell within the streams
The day has failed and fall into a sleep that never ends
No remorse, I gaze where the charming unlight opens
All eerie lights unite - I face the orgin of the universe
Is it the final end? - The might of everything unite in one

Sunwheel rotation ends - The universe in flames
Unreal motions - a different kind of blasphemy

As the crescant moon breaks throughtout the clouds again
Taste the colours of a rainbow circles million times
Andromeda is chanting within a fireball of silent chaos
Through eternity to the profound words of solitude

All ways are gone and genesis has failed
The end is near as I am waiting here an die

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