Out In The Distance by Biting Elbows

Sitting on the corner
Waiting to get older
Time flies by
And still I'm standing still
Try as I might to do what is right
I am gonna do what I will

My eyes are fire engine red
I remember every time you held my hand
You turn to dust every time the sun comes up
I will forget all the times that I fucked up

A decade later, I shall hit the breaks
I realize what is at stake
Realize that behind those lows and highs
Is a stupid boy that has somehow gotten wise

If it's my life, then it's my life to waste
I try and move now with a different kind of haste

Off in the distance
Right in your face
Off in the distance
Right in your face
I have the persistence
Now I give chase
Off in the distance
Right in your face
I've had a fair share of strife
Carry this on my back for what you call my life
Now you tell me how I've got to live
And the fucks that I gotta give
I say hell no

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