Papa Ed's Oobe by Whatever, Dad

[Lyrics in parenthesis are sung in unison. Since there are no official lyrics out there, and because the lyrics are hard to make out in places, the lyrics may be inaccurate]

On separate occasions (Two weddings)
This phenomenon occurred (Two bathroom floors)
My second body left my first (Too much sweating, too much pouring)
I stared at myself, and (I [unintelligible])
[Unintelligible] (Nobody else [unintelligible])
What the hell (Strange it felt)
Was that about (When I returned)

And seven dwarves
Used to hang out in my van
And they drive a piece of shit
But I'm the man

And I used to
Walk you
To the old Blockbuster
Cause I knew you'd get so bored so quick
Oh my darlin', how'd you get so old so quick
You are not my daughter, but
You are not my daughter, but
If I can divide for you
I guess I can be your daddy too

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