Petsmart by Cupcakke

I swear these hoes
These hoes be all bark, no bite
Fuckin' ridiculous

This for the, "CupcakKe a joke"
One million in and you broke
He fainted as soon as I spoke
Like Wendy Williams, heat stroke
Bitch, I'm so cold, gotta rock me a thermal
Or sweater right under the coat
Bitch, I got so many bars
That Azealia Banks call me when she needs soap (No shade)
I just be shootin' like craps (Brah)
Ten different flows when I rap (Yah)
Sleepin' on me, that shit wack (Wack)
I hope the bed bugs attack (Hah)
Why is my name in your mouth?
Tell the dentist get rid of it, right with that plaque (Get it out)
Bitch, I'm out here seein' M's, you just seein' M&M's in the pack
Run in your house and I'm flippin' the couch
Yeah, you know this a trap but I'm not talking mouse
Now I got you tied up like an unfaithful spouse
Put the cash in the bag, I don't got time to count
'Cause you know this bitch called the cops (Cops)
Flavor Flav, she got clocked (Clock)
Up her head, 'cause she an opp
Seeing if she still alive like Pac, ayy
Your man keep ringing my line (Ring)
He don't understand decline (Nah)
I'ma have to stomp him out (How?)
Like turnin' grapes into wine
And he still gon' think I'm a keeper (I'm a keeper)
'Cause I'm dressed every day like it's Easter (Like it's Easter)
Bitches be swearin' they cute but they look like that bow up on Rihanna's sneakers (Ugly)
Had to check that bitch, I'm Netflix rich
No Miley Cyrus, I wreck that bitch
Bread like a bird so I peck that bitch
What's your address? That's how I address that shit
Bullets sent her to heaven, no Keyshia Cole (Bah bah bah)
You don't wanna know what the Visa hold (Bah bah bah)
These bitches heated like pizza rolls
I'm in the penthouse but I get my sheets from Kohl's
I'm smart with the bag, I'm a great (Great)
That's the same ho that used to hate (Funny)
But now these bitches in my face like we on Beyond Scared Straight, wait, yeah
Ain't none of that, I be makin' bitches mad
I pull up in the Jag, then I flex, then I brag
You should wear a durag, 'cause your edges look sad
Think you look Megan Good, but you Michael Jackson bad
Bitch you need to stop, your nigga askin' me why I tease a lot
I said "I don't know, can I breathe or not?"
His bread gone like an empty pizza box
I'm finna leave the spot (Skrrt)
I spent 13K on some Gucci (Gucci)
He spent thirteen dollars on your coochie (Coochie)
Took your ass to see Tunechi, look (What?)
Bitch, you really is a groupie, ayy
Shawty if I'm not aware of them ('Ware of them)
You know I'm 'bout to start airing 'em (Bah bah bah)
All I hang with is animals, deeper than the Shedd Aquarium (Yeah)
Niggas so fake, they'll kill they friend
And at the funeral show up and carry 'em (Fake as fuck)
Soon as everybody leave
Spit up on his grave soon as they bury him
They still mad, that's the best part (Best part)
Give me more bite with the less bark (Bark bark)
You can put your bitch on the leash (Leash)
Or I'ma drag that bitch right to PetSmart
I'ma let you choose, but I make the rules
Keep me a tool, so play it cool
Second to who? No, I never lose
I always cum first like the day April Fools
I'll take a train to the money, ride a plane to the money
Ride a dick to the money, what it do?
I got so much paper on me
My homie thinkin' that I'm 'bout to go right back to school, ayy
Big chopper on me like Bruce, ayy (Bruce)
Big mouth, bitch that's a moose, ayy (Moose)
All my life I've been snappin' like a Snapple
Yeah they know I got the juice
How your hair stay laid but your rent ain't paid?
And your bed ain't made but you geek?
Bitches be dirty, panties look like lemonade
Every time they fuck around and pee
I just be ridin' the beat, always deliver heat
Then I eat it up, that's Uber Eats
They don't want beef 'cause I pop up on bitches
Like corners when tuckin' in some newer sheets, bah

Song writer(s): ​cupcakKe
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