Pharmacology In Front Effects (feat. Jouquin Fox) by Rhys Langston

[Jouquin Fox]

Tooth and nail for our sanity
Tooth and nail for this bachelor's degree

Smoking mids, watching
Alt-right, left extremes
Arizona, Antarctica fields;

Over-consumption is a black liver
Sloth sin. too much sabbath makes Jack
Drunk, jealous, heavy. too much work and he's dull
Confusion from over-stimulation makes him manic
Even full detachment drives him to Riker's
Questlove doesn't look at social media before noon
Under consumption, a pill, an hour, criss-cross, apple
Sauce: hands in the lap. of a therapist, their hand's tight
Transmissions in psychic wards, over hers

Could be into healing's unwinding waters

[Rhys Langston]

Pharmacology in front effects
Creative director with thе after effects
Inclusivе of all discontents
Exclusive first run in-step
When the prescription is snuff
Strawberry blond moustache
Smeared jerky Bachelor's chewed tough
Framed in whale bone
Excavated from bluffs

This is a fraction of a penny per stream
As avant-garde before antitrust
Cloud sound as fermented fish
In nordic playlist cigarette butts puffed
On the fjords of social welfare
Iron ingots and settlers
Flaxen and fair
Now paying tolls and fares
Ad homonym homophone
Pectin, gum arabica sucked dry
By Norse tongue
Like even the God of War
Pink-washed the Blades of Chaos
In Pepto Bismol and Tums

Sublimated his diuretics
In diurnal rhythms
And David Jaffe's on the apocalyptic internet
Putting premiums on poorly designed polygons

Tragically, in other news
The metaverse now needs disambiguation


Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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