Piece Of Your Heart by Gabe Lee

[Verse 1]
What if I were to tell you
That I've always loved you
But you might never see me again?
'Nother wide-open road
Is the last place I know
A grown man can still play pretend
Like he ain't just some guy
Like it'll all be alright
Like you don't plan on runnin' away
How I wish it were true
But I'd be lying to you
If I made you some promise to stay

Take all your distant belongings, ball caps, class rings
Worn shoes, flat tires, steel pans, and big dreams
And go talk to the man who buys broken down things
And sell him a piece of your heart

[Verse 2]
Well now, she's off to the races
All dolled up in graces
Pretty as a June Christmas tree
You're headed to find her
A one-night reminder
Why she don't wear no hearts on her sleeve
And all's that I know is
That white petal roses
Look prettiest before wiltin' away
So shine, baby, shine
And drink up all the wine
And don't let no one tell you you can't

Throw out the laundry, let it wash in the rain
Wet trash, coal fired, lactose, migraine
And go talk to the man who buys broken down things
And sell him a piece of your heart

[Verse 3]
Now there's a Tennessee sunrise
Pourin' in daylight
Free as a bull from his pen
And all I can think of
Is you shit-canned and mad, love
I'm just glad to see you again
And I thought you should know
That I've stitched up my soul
And framed it in gold on the wall
So when the train come to town
And they tear this place down
There'll be something still left to hang on

Cold cups of coffee in the U-Haul-mobile
Stay back, wide load, sharp turns uphill
And go talk to the man, let him cut you a deal
And sell him a piece of your heart, oh baby
Go on and sell him a piece of your heart

Song writer(s): Gabe Lee

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