Progressive House, Conservative Ligature (feat. Fatboi Sharif) by Rhys Langston


Progressive house
Conservative ligature
What's the mouthpiece to do
When caught up on the video
Short selling triplexes for shares of NVIDIA
Geothermal index on a rolodex
In living rooms

Kitchenette trivia
Dismember beans of landlords
Clean up on the aisle
Industry of placating chores
Heavy plumage, petrochemicals, petrichor
Petyr Baelish rushing ending
Due to producer's estate еxecutors

Beseeching expеdient narrative, declarative
Clearance / Clarence, vector / Victor
In-flight meal with a plate of zeal
Awarded to those that got their prepared statements
Already languished
But I'm oft anguished that I'm most happily distracted
Unworked protozoa, proletarian and comatose
Just for jokes in the Canadian imaginary
Rocking a bubble coat
The whole continent in leaflets, endnotes
Referendum votes on commonwealth reapportioned
To pop-lock dislocation motion and redress
Original people's original history
With tissues and lotion

Well that's revisionist bullshit
Like creative manners to skip and erase
From moment to moment
Abstract, realist, most problematic version of futurism
When pulled by bootstraps of your country
Brocade leather had its spikes blunted
[Chorus] x2

[Fatboi Sharif]

Swam in aquarium
Golden Gate bridge
Sheltered rocks
At Shea Stadium
Monopoly moon drug
Kept Jesus captive
In a cornfieeeeeeeld
Searching for a new woooooooorld
Battery double d's
Wide-eyed application
Climax last scene
Shelter the wealthy
Iron cast
Psalm shadow
Dry eyes from miss tragedy
Underline sickness heaven sent
Taught by your majesty
Prescribed second string
Pills harbor
Possession braaaaaaain
Soul searching
LSD googles
All the saaaaaaaame
[Chorus] x2


Love in the time of Steve Bannon
(let me slow this down real quick)
Open carry with my rap canon
I philander in Castilian
To some syncopated jazz standards
“We don't make that kind of music,”
I answer front face camera
Updates for the story
Cues card preserve my laughter
The studio's the audience
The mix is the master
On seven to ten second loop 'til
The here is the after

Now streaming:
Unoriginal series of status updates
I take every interview in a fugue state
Executive orders signed with
Delayed tape
That rapper-producer hyphenate
Early bird special to venerate
That autocrat, anarch ark, matter of fact
Slap whosever daps
Cited all yeah point to the all of that
Case in point like saying black
“You see these social inequities inside my club bangers?”

The rhyme-drunk rap sanger
On a dais, turning over spit
And pages
To release them flamers
So I suggest you do your research player!!


Song writer(s): Rhys Langston

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