Psycho Shit by Lil' Ugly Mane

[Verse: Lil Ugly Mane & Little Girl]
Hahaha (hahaha, hahaha)
It's Lil Ugly Mane in this bitch, hahaha (Lil Ugly Mane, hahaha)
Welcome to the other side, hahaha (the other side, bitch, hahaha, other side)
Gon' kill all y'all hoes, hahaha (gon' kill them hoes, kill these hoes, really gon' kill 'em, hahaha)
Never gon' see the light of day no more, bitch (hehehe, kill them hoes, hehehe)
Hahaha (we're really gon' kill them all)
Hoe (hahaha)
Drop some of that real psycho shit on these bitches (psycho shit, bitch, hahaha)

Song writer(s): Lil Ugly Mane

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