Puttin' It Down 4 My Hood by Lil' Ugly Mane

What's up boss dog, it's Lil Ugly Mane
I'mma show you how it goes down for my hood right now, partna
We gonna put it down in this motherfucking shit
We gonna be doing real big, big things in two thousand eleven
Let me see you put you hands up in this motherfucking ho
Let's get it

I'm puttin' it down for my hood

I put it down for my hood, like a real player should
Sippin Yak, counting stacks, yup yup it's all good
It's Lil Ugly Mane, I know you heard of me
I'm rocking Burberry, and I'm down for burglary
With a homocide that make your ass sleep eternally
In my hood with my homies where I prefer to be
Yea we riding clean, yea we smoking bud and that promethazine
You gets no love
Yea we got them things, I put it on my momma
If you think you got that Ana then we down for the drama
Tipping back scales, yea we got that guap
And when we see the sirens we busting at the cops
All my little hood rats, all y'all can get it
Let's run a train: asses, titties
To my players locked down I'mma find a snitch
And when I see his ass I'mma kill me a bitch
I'm puttin' it down for my hood

Song writer(s): Lil Ugly Mane

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