Quiet! by A1th

[Still Transcribing]

[Chorus: A1th]
Quiet, huh, (Why?), yuh
I said shut the hell up, quiet, huh, (Why?) yuh
Quiet, yuh
I said shut the hell up, quiet, quiet, yuh

[Verse 1: A1th]
I work every morning, I feel like the man
No Lil Mosey, but I stick to the plan


[Verse 2: Lil vv]
Ayy, yuh, ayy
We them boys down the street up in Ashburn
Grew up with mountain bikes from Target and them road burns
Grew up with Hondas, getting punctures while the road turns
Kid said "fight me!", I said man, there's a lot to learn!

[Verse 3: A1th]
Listen, I'm getting out the park and you're having difficulty to start

Spending and spending, [?]
Spitting Fendi and you're still poppin' too much, but you could always tat your luck

[Bridge: A1th]
Shut your mouths, get too loud
What's the sound, listen to [?]
Sleeping and dreaming, I know the schemes
I believe it but please don't relieve it
I'm getting tired of these rapper's, huh

Make 'em look up to me like a pastor, huh

[?] but you have to relapse first

[Verse 4: Lil vv]
Skrrt off in the car, [?]
Rappin' with a Blue Snowball, yeah I'm so

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