Randy Watson by Grip

I want you to put you hands together, and welcome him to the stage
Big round of applause for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson, yes

Yo, stop it, stop clapping now
No really, stop clapping
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
Back on my god flow
I'm like bro and red and black with Chicago, if rap is a convo
You are actually Rondo, go ahead and take shots
I leave you uncontested, now make me respect it
Spit motion pictures, this one here is an epic
Runtime of two minutes and six seconds
Niggas is dyslectic, trying to dissect this wordplay, this shit's hectic
They still have yet to come up with a legit method
I split bread with, the ones that was around before the growling stomachs
It was only two, and I was down a hundred
They know I got them, so they talk it like this, starting to sound redundant
And middle fingers to the clowns who fronted, run it

That boy good
Mmmmhmmm, good and terrible

[Verse 2]
I spew crack, these other dudes wack
The flow is Stella, I got my groove back
Think you hard because you a felon and you got a few tats
Well this judge will splash your melon all in your boo's lap
Don't get it confused because I'm a nigga who raps
When you was strapping up your mid tops, I had two straps
When you was watching Kidz Bop, we ran through packs
When you started your first gig, I had already blue [?]
I was riding through my hood, it's all tinted
Your girl, I might hit it
Fresh fade, she said I'm acting light skinned
Ice pendent, I'm nice with it
[?] with it
Who took the game and blew life in it, I did it
So when hip hop is dying, and it might need a doctor
I go by G R I P proper, Grip

That boy good
Mmmmhmmm, good and terrible

Song writer(s): GRIP

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