Rollin' With Icarus by Hamell On Trial

So it was me, Bobby, Loogie, and Joe
Sittin' at the bar, Bobby says go
As per usual, I'm way too high
When I get this high as per usual I rarely ask why
Get in the car, too fucked to steer
Get in the rear, crack a beer
Loogie drives, Bobby navigator
Hit the west side, all accelerator
A convenience store, we park fast
Bobby's got a sawed-off, puts on a mask
Runs in the store, I pop a couple percs
You hang with Bobby, you know how that shit works
Everybody's tweakin', luckily no shots
Bobby exits, luckily no cops
Sirens on our tail, they start to fade
We shot at the cameras, we coulda got made
Bobby's got the bag, countin' bills
I got the jitters so I popped some more pills
Bobby's countin', says 3 grand
Signals to the right with a gesture of his hand
Hit the turnpike, headin' east
3,000 clams headin' for a feast
Where we're going is anybody's guess
I hear a strange voice, it's the GPS
App on the phone says "exit 33"
Bobby screams "A not B"
Hit the curb, bounce and skid
In front of St. Augie's, the hospital for kids
We go around the back, we park
See the rear door hidden in the dark
He makes a call, the door turns light
Bobby was talkin' to that cat Manuel last night
We exit the car, walk down the hall
The hospital smell so high I fall
Invisible to nurses, it's like we're gone
We hit the elevator thinkin' "What's going on?"
A little girl hooked up to machines
Bobby starin' with a look I never seen
Puts the cash on the bed, pulls up a chair
I hear the name Claire as he's saying prayers
Gives Manny a hug, leaves the money on the bed
You know I caught that shit, I popped more meds
We're drifting now, quiet in the night
GPS says "2 tenths, make a right"
Now we're at the crackhouse, Woodbine & 4th
He's got the gun, heading for the door
We file from the car, nothing but gloom
Look into the window, Bobby's in some room
Fires two shots, a man goes down
Bobby's all steel, "That's for Claire, you fuckin' clown"
Like time more pills back in the car
GPS gets us back to the bar
No questions now, Bobby's moody when he's stinkin'
Back at the Apocalypse we get back to drinkin'
I go to the jukebox, play a Nick Cave tune
Shit sounds real when you're high as the moon
Roll with Icarus, man
Gettin' close I guess

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