Salvation From Being by Zarathustra

Purify the world
Abominations that you have feared so long
Are all alive with a last celestial light
Death of mankind
The greatest of all blessings
Philanthropical Deification: Genocide

With Self-mastery and pride
I crush the words of him
Who holds the seven stars in his right hand
Your urge to immortality
Is but betraying embrace of redemption

Dying Godhead, god's carrion
Life became a figment
Of your weak imagination
Redeemed and betrayed
Do not expect Elysium

I am the master of decay
I am blessed with truth
I will resurrect total hate

I live
To turn your whispers of warm deisre
Into shrieks of chilling terror
I live
To see your fear raging fingers
Embracing the crucifix

Fiery, ferocious, fatal
Fear the nocturnal hurricane

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