Sea Song by Grailknights

Hey, hey
Owayho - owayho
A long time ago
Owayho - owayho
The tide is calm and low
Owayho - owayho
They row all night and day
Owayho - owayho
But none shall see his bay ever again
Owayho - owayho
Westwards we go
Owayho - owayho
Riugh winds begin to blow
Owayho - owayho
One more pull and then belai
Owayho - owayho
A storm to get under way

Defying danger - hey
Defying death - ho
The highest wave
Will never impale our spirit
Winds toss - hey
To and fro - ho
Dead callous waves
But we will never change our course

By the rooks, trees and water
What if I never die?
The world would be mine
By the wind, rain and fire
What if we are meant to see
The dawn of a new day?
Owayho - owayho
Our hearts begin to glow
Owayho - owayho
It's time for us to go
Owayho - owayho
The cost is high, we can't delay
Owayho - owayho
Call the storm to get under way


On the sea with no shore
I will hail you once more on the day that we part
You will grow in my heart
Farewell my good friend
We'll meet again
Brothers I'll hear from you
When I'm on the other side
Brother I'll hear from you
Calling from the depth of the ocean
When my heart beats for the cery last time
I won't regret what grew on my mind
Though fortune's denied
I will stand by your side
I will rise with the tide
Till the end of all time
Father can you hear me
Deep down in my ocean grave?
Father can you see me
Below the spray of a geedy wave



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