Sentenced To The Chair by Lightnin' Rod

When I finally came to
I was all black and blue
And one of my legs was in a sling
I was handcuffed at the wrist
And on the critical list
And in the prison ward hospital wing
Seems they had blown a hole in my chest
That nearly laid me to rest
And put knots all upside my head
I was gagging and choking
And my right leg was broken
And it was just a miracle that I wasn't dead
I was sentenced to the chair
And shipped to Sing-Sing from there
Where I spent the next twelve years on death row
But I kept on copping a stay
Until the death penalty was done away
And after retrial they finally let me go
It had cost me twelve years of my time
To realize what a nickel and dime
Hustler I had really been
While the real hustlers were ripping off billions
From the unsuspecting millions
Who are programmed to think they could win
But fortunately I had escaped
From the deathly fate
Of being fried alive in the chair
Cause in my solitude I found out what's really going down
You see
I had learned the whole truth while I was there

[Outro: Feelin' Alright]
I'm feeling alright
And I'm feeling too good 'bout that
Oooohhh Yaahh
I'm feeling alright
Yes I am, yes I am, oh yes I am
And I'm feeling too good 'bout that

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