Serenade For Spiders by A Poetic Yesterday

A Poetic Yesterday
Serenade For Spiders
we crawl on stage ready to explode,
we grow so strong but not enough
of us

it's the smile on her face
as she cuts to the chase
it's the world, it's the world
we create
it's the truth in your eyes
as you hide in disguise
it's the end! it's the end!
it's the start

we drop and dance around at your feet
poised and positioned run and hide...

it's the past playing on
an it's only begun
it's chaos mixed with greed
as we water our seed
it's the start, it's the start
it's the end!

save yourselfs now
save yourself down

you'll never break me,
you'll never take me,
you'll neve bring us down, down, down

you'll never hate me,
you'll never rate me,
you'll never bring me down, down, down!

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