Set Me Free by Chamber - L'orchestre De Chambre Noir

Don't look at me that way
I know you can't believe that it's come to this
But I've told, I've shown
And you've ignored, that I can't go on like this

How many times do I need to hurt you
How cruel do I need to be
For you to set me free

Please, set me free

I promised you the truth
Even if it hurts, and now I'll tell you
My love for you has changed
If I stayed it's only because I'm used to you

Wondering if id like to stay and grow old with you
Hey, honestly, the answer's no
That's why I've got to go

Please, set me free

You it tortures me to stay
And it tortures me to go
And even though you cry
I now if I'd stay I'd die
In this golden cage of a love gone by
To ourselves be true and say goodbye
Say goodbye…

Words: Marcus Testory
Music: Marcus Testory, Christoph Aschauer

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