Ship In A Bottle by Sara K.

Living in the high desert, one tends to miss the ocean, or, imagine when it used to be there. I can hear the souls of women and men since.
Longing for something that either isn't there yet or hasn't been back for a
long time. Longing to stay and go at the same time.

I would be lost, a half of a whole
until your ship comes in I guess you never know
if I'm livin without you, I'm livin along
& this ship in a bottle got no place like home.
Whole lotta chances out on the road
you have at your command
the way the story goes
you got wind on the water
& if it don't tie you down
you got me standin here on the edge of town

What kind of power could drive a love down at some finest hour when there
's no one around when what makes you follow is WHY you can't stay and your
ship in a bottle start sailing away
What could I tell you
you don't already know
what could I melt into the fire that burns in your soul
if I'm livin without you, I'm livin along,
tossin and tumblin like a river stone.

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