Shoot Shit (feat. Q Da Fool) by Moneymarr

Bitch im with Q bout da fuck it up, 50 round drum in da Glock can't fuck with us , [Q da fool ]
These niggas broke trynna run it up, shoot off your face beat the K cause im thugging up
Walk down effen hit with the blue fits, slid on da opp block niggas ain't do shit, We really shoot shit my niggas ruthless, bring out the big body we bout to move shit
Smack the boy out with the iron left him toothless, we got them bricks and da pounds bout to move shitt, fuck with this steak when im fucking with rufess, we got the beams we bout to shoot shit
(we bout to shoot shit,we bout to shoot shit)
We got the bricks in the pound bout to move shit, im with rich shooters bitch get with the moves
[Q da fool]
I dont be buying that malley u boofing, i hit the block with tha packet and move it,semmi driveing that porch yeah thats when they start choosing, bitch i been hooped out dat porche bitch u 2 late u a loser
Been with the Glocks we got the rules, we got them drakes we starting confusion, off white v-longs these ain't no vusions , hunnid bands ain't nun if the bently behind me u kno imma duck it (skrtt skrrtt) plug only speak spanish u know ion trust em, in the hood with them bandles all we know is hussell(hussell)
Try reach for my chain u gone get stepped on, lul hunneds they hang make sure ur vest strong, we got that gas like the shatron, we got the smoke make u choke like pit bomb
If i see a opp on sight imma crush em, he say he the plug got them pounds imma rush him, we got them dracos they copt them from russia , micro 6 shot put his ass under, both with on his block nigga i wanth dem . gun squad go put the sticks in the tunnel, hit with the 5 flow bitch no rumble, robb with the packages it come in a umble, i got the drip lul bitch say ouu, fendy my shirt & balenci my shoes, if i call a movie u know he gone shoot, u say u buss down but i kno that shit flute, tryn hop out the whip tryn hop out the coop, thought i gave em that syrup but i gave em dat juice, if u look sweet we gon make em da move, bitch i get to the money im never gonna snooze
[Chorus repeat]

Song writer(s): Q Da Fool, MoneyMarr

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