Silence - Release by Chamber - L'orchestre De Chambre Noir

Holding her head
She's walking the room
To keep those voices inside
From eroding her mind
She opens a window
To stretch out her head
There the voices cease
Silence, silence, release

To free her voices
She sculptures shouting heads
Plastered witnesses of her pain
Of her madness
Her cries for safety
But her fellows
Couldn't read those

One thousand shouting heads
For each voice one
In my head and in my room
And from time to time
I open up a window
To stretch out my head
To ease my troubled mind

Silence, silence, release

Thinking those voices
Could once and forever disappear
And leave her
If she'd kept her head
Outside the window
She takes the step outside
Into the final release
Silence, silence, release

Tourists took photographs
Of that bizarre piece of art
Her ultimate sculpture
Made of her wrecked husk
Made in…
Silence, silence, release

Music: M. Testory / R. Hoffmann
Words: M. Testory

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