Sleep, Sweet Sleep by Chamber - L'orchestre De Chambre Noir

Woke up in the morning and she was gone
Finally she'd found another one
Someone who'd listen and who'd understand
My woman's mind and needs

Maybe I was kind
Of ignorant and blind
Maybe I just didn't want to know
Didn't care
...and I drank myself to

Sleep, sweet sleep
Come on over me
Come all over me
And wash away the pain
Of these darkened days

Then I lost my job, my house and my car
Got hurt as I've never been hurt so far
I was down as a man can be
On the edge of our society


So I met up with the guys at another bar
Where we drink to remember and drink to forget
The good life and the cruelty of it
Trying to deal with what's left of it...


Music: M. Testory
Words: M. Testory

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