So Sick With It by Helvetia

[Verse 1]
I can't help but wondering about all the stupid things I've done
When I'm on my own with nobody else to follow me
Why, I still stand myself when I've done wrong?
Someone call, call me anything, I can make it true just for fun
And still take a lot, baby you're in this mountain of lies

I've never said anything conjure about
So impressed, nothing will make it stop
It'll always rise above and we all

Cause this hurts still the best around
I'm not welcome here anymore
I could afford

[Verse 2]
I always pushed you away when you tried to open up
Can't stand to see you with him, even just in a dream
Why always this jealousy? I'm so sick with it
Why do I let this mess me around?
Such a waste of time
Why do I wanna make myself like that?

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