Souls Ejaculation by Zarathustra

Self overcoming
Expression of life is not guaranteed
Twisted minds on earth
Yet still alive
Earth, true hell

Mesmerised senses
Common sense
Cannot take us to our aim
Only one word: death

Sick of life, ill of dark dreams
Stiff bodies
Paralysed with terror

Dead spirits swarm like locusts
Until the last body divides to dust
Death is our only aim
We all will soon listen
To the rhytmic sounds of insects
The screams of their larvae
And their screams of hunger
Hunger for flesh

Hail rhizophagen!! hail phora!!

This is the overture to your death
Listen to it and join
Now and forever
Hail eternal death

No gods any longer
Death reigns supreme
Fear the truth you bastards...

Pericumlum mortis
Die in ruthless pain
Dignified death is impossible
Burn, drown and suffocate

Hail rhizophagen!! hail phora!!

Salute all kinds of horrors
Dying inheritance
Earths axis lost its control
Nothingness devours the sun

Box of pandora i have opened
Fluidums now floating in eternal spheres
Souls ejaculation means capitis damnare
Hail souls ejaculation of mine...

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