Spiritual Bizness by 21:03

Some people feel lost & alone in this big world
They wanna make moves but they're searchin for answers
Should I believe in something I can't see
Can I be free or will they laugh & joke at me

Don't be afraid to look
Don't be afraid to learn
Don't be afraid to change
Just go 'bout what you're feeling - CHANGE

Shake it off
This is how it's goin' down
Gotta make a joyfull sound
Gotta let the whole world know it's time for spiritual business
Shake it off
We can't do this from no seat
Gotta take it to the street
Bring about our Father's work in this spiritual business

We may be young but the age is no factor
It's just another excuse doing what we know really matters
Another voice is all we need in the body of Christ
So make a chioce take a stand & change your life

Don't be afraid to dance
Don't be afraid to cry
Don't be afraid to change
Just go 'bout what you're feeling - CHANGE


I know
It can seem like it's too much
But it's all in the name of love
So whatcha gonna do about it
Watcha gonna sing about
How you gonna act about it
Join in
Do whatever you feel you can
Because the world must understand
At the school, at the mall, at the gym
Tell everybody whatcha know about it

I pray you musn't be scared
You know I'm always prepared
I got my Sword & my Sheild
Me & my boys in the feild
This is spiritual business
And now I'm feelin I'm in it

No more talkin', no more sparkin', no more barkin'
Time to walk it out
Only the focused souls would know what I'm talkin' 'bout
I'm all about the mission man listen
We ain't standin' back
3 cast, 1 track, 1 God, that's that



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