Stairs by Joy Again

[Verse 1]
Time is just killin' me, modulated tempo
And all through the greenery, wavering sunbeams
Watch yourself, skeleton, the museum will soon find you
Fall down the staircase, the first place you fell in love
Please don't leave me just outside the garden
Beneath all my best friends, I'll fall the hardest

Can you see it?
The crowd just beneath us?
Or is this what we wanted?
Somethin' more private?

[Verse 2]
Walking slowly past the graves of the ghosts
And it hurts most when I didn't mean to
Bleached bones, your complicated grin
Do you know the trouble we're in?
Just lie down inside the drawer
Don't tell me what I cannot do
Elevated just above the ground
But still too close for me
Did you bring the compass?
It's still my fault when we leave

I'm tired of sayin'
What's so important to me
We've fucked up the message
What's wrong with just livin' to be?

Walk a bit closer dear, the world is a vacuum
Some eyes look strange to me and the people who own them

Song writer(s): ARTHUR

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