Stay Away by Randy Newman

Venus in sweatpants
That's who you are
And when this mess is over
I'll buy you a car
We'll drive that car
So fast and so far
All your stupid friends
Will be left behind

Stay away from me
Baby, keep your distance, please
Stay away from me
Words of love in times like these
I'm gonna be with you 24 hours a day
A lot of people couldn't stand that
But you can
You'll be with me 24 hours a day
What a lucky man I am

Stay away from me
Wash your hands
Don't touch your face
How do you like that
Wash your hands
Don't touch your face
I saw you
Thirty years together
And we're still having fun
Once we were two
Now we are one
Let's go out and get a burger
When you're done, you're done
Memories of the past

Be kind to one another
Tell her you love her every day
If you're angry about something, let it go
If the kids are frightened, tell them not to be afraid
But don't let them touch your face
Don't let them touch your face

Song writer(s): Randy Newman
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