Step Off by A-trak

[Intro: Phonte]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, one time
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, two time
I'm runnin out of shit to say for these 8-bar intros!
"One time, two time, ay nigga, check it" all that shit, I'm sick of that shit
So I ain't gon' tell you that A-Trak did the beat
I ain't gon tell you it's Little Brother
I ain't gon tell you it's Phonte (yeah)
Big Pooh, show them what you ha-HAVVVE!

[Rapper Big Pooh:]
Fresh off the road, right back to the beats
Back to the heat, homie that's back to the streets
I've been gone a few weeks, no visible rust
Nobody do it better than us
Livewire, Limewire, I acquire the next best fire
No surprise, a nigga downloadin himself
You can have the fame, Poobie got a taste for the wealth
Put fam first, nobody else

Build a bridge, get over yourself
Cause he's back in the Chopp Shopp
It's, Phonte nigga, knock knock
Peace to all area crews who's steady makin they moves
That's 21st, but a team at our block
I ain't get in the game for fifteen minutes of fame
My name cain't be contained in ya stopwatch
Nigga, me and Pooh is a two-piece
And this A-Trak is a, labor of love, no need to induce me
Let's GO!

[Chorus: Phonte (girl)]
I know you want somethin to dance to
Dance to - Two step, little romance to
'Macne to - But if he ain't smooth on the floor like me
This is whatchu better tell 'em if he ask you
I say step off, step off, s-step off
Say step off, step off, s-step off
(Step off, step off, st-step off)
(Step off, step off, st-step off)

Uh, Tay is, so fluent when I do it, he the truest one
The deck is stack and the odds are two to one
And even though we didn't move any units, son
I rock shows and the crowd moves in unison
Like Tay's flow is Beyonders
The type most niggaz get lost, and I swear
My rap sheet should come with a Complice 2 and compass
My accomplishments, I think y'all really don't want this nigga

[Rapper Big Pooh:]
One of the best, I don't care if you know
Four years, three albums and a hell of a show
Got a, hell of a flow, you ain't smellin me though
'Fore it's all said and done, I'm a settle the sco'
Settle the Mo', with another bottle fo sho'
J. Wall settled down on the flo', it's been a great night
Honeys callin, Bull City grab a late bite
Pray to God we make it to the crib alright


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