Strangest Dreams by Potter Payper

I swear my lifestyle's chaos
It's got me drowning in these spirits like a seance
And I can't get a day off
I broke away from these friendly haters
I swear for some it's like a day job
We stay thorough, still we're straight mob
Broken dreams is what we're made of
Round here you're either prayed for or preyed on
We all came up on these grey blocks
Real concrete jungle, round here you're just a stray fox
Round here I'm like Tookie, you just Jay Foxx
Flipped side now they wanna see me caged off
Life, what a waste of
Now let me tell you what I'm facing, assalaam alaikum
My name's Jamal and I ain't got no mainstream education
They was in detention, I got segregation
It just fed my fascination, I can't sleep on violations
Gotta rise to the occasion
So music's my inspiration, I don't wanna make that statement
All that time just taught me patience
Potter Payper had them training

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