Straybullet by A.r.g.

The unsparing hand of justice above
No distortions of humanity
Chilly staring of an overzealous judge
Omen of the beginning end
Jury has decided on your behalf
"guilty" the only sound that´s left
Deathlike silence, that´s the end
Kill and be killed
The bullet your mother will buy
To execute the only son
There's no testament or will
Redeem your sin as christ
Pay for your crime with your life
Kill the flesh, cleance the soul
There's no testament or will
Only die without peace
If you don't believe even yourself
You will die in vain
Aimless journey to unknown void
The light departs from rain
Soon it's over, the straybullet´s truth
Inheritance of forefathers
Old secret written to these holy books
You can't talk so as to be heard
And now you know everything
Your duty must be fulfilled
Bowl from chalice of darkness
The feast with no guest to your memory
You're sitting in cell, staring at the wall
Petrified with horror
It's squeezing like a strait jacket
It's your turn to leave
Light of lire
Won´t bless the next day
Time has come
Don't try to hold your tears
Hope is lost
But you still exist
Life's over
There's no world without the end

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