Streetlight's On by Sara K.

Nothin' wrong with being outside the box sometimes, tone as you can find your
way back in. This song was started around 1971. It was full of lyrics I couldn't use now and needed a few parts shined up. Tried to keep the dust on the wines of it so it could still fly. Streetlights are a real friendly place sometimes.

Somewhat like a moth
a certain light will fill your wines
a kiss to start you off
if I could draw
the way it falls upon your face
but I cannot
the night will come,
your moon will dance around the sun
streetlight's on.

I love your wines
the very things I cannot touch
the magic dust
when morning breaks
and all the shadows fade away
streetlight's on.

I've seen you then
it made me want to look again
HOW it takes
what it takes
and what you couldn't shouldn't didn't give away....
streetlight's on.

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