Strong Faith by Emye

[Verse 1]
All I do is win
Throw my way any challenge and I'll do it again
Not willing to listen, to any negativity that's gonna ruin my binge
Cause I'm hungry for that win, I'm always on my grind
What they don't see is where I get my strength
What they don't see is how I spend my time
So pay attention and listen, just for a little while
I'll show how you can do all things, and go that extra mile
First don't put any trust in yourself or set yourself on a pedestal
Don't boast in yourself no more, just hang low…
Don't give in to no sin that'll make your heart grow cold like eskimos
Don't go the route that seems easy ‘cause the devil's always testing you
Know Christ has invest in you when He rose and dies on His mission
You can do all things in Christ cause your perfect strength is Him
All about His business, that's what make me a Christian
They're wondering how I do it, they don't get it

That's why these dudes is gone hate
Cause they know I'm always gon win
But they don't know it's cause I got that strong faith
Yeah, I put my faith in my God, Yes I put my trust in Him
I put my faith in my God, Yes I put my trust in Him
Yeah, they gon' hate
Cause they know I'm always gon win
What they don't know - it's cause I got that strong faith
Yeah, I put my faith in my God, Yes I put my trust in Him
I put my faith in my God, Yes I put my trust in Him
[Verse 2]
I put my own faith to work, ‘cause without it its dead
And then I roll up in that church, where I get my spirit fed
That's why I'm on high alert and got these demons scared
Cause they know I'm no shy and won't die
Cause I've committed it to winning it and living for the Most High
Got no time for bullish now, gotta cut that foolishness
All that dumb strife, put it out and push it out
Cuz I gotta let the truth exist
Gotta keep peace like a buddhist, oh it's on
Capturing every thought rising up like dawn
Against the word and me God, leaving no doubt in me heart
Good morning, oh flesh you were always wrong and
I'ma pay you no mind, i'm yawning
You're getting fired, I'm done with you
Replace you like a substitue
Crucify the flesh, burning all the chaffs, ain't really that comfortable
I don't mind that, it ain't all bout you, his, or her comfort
Chasing lies to satisfy in thinking that they won't burn
We're going out to get them and we won't leave no stones unturned
They keep on riding around, but they can't really get it..
Get it?

[Verse 3]

Yeah I trust Him
Cause He's always with me through my ups and
Downs when I'm out of options, He makes a way for His son man
From nothing He rose me up, now I'm soaring high like Jumpman
I know where the Lord is taking me, don't really care bout yall assumptions
So bump them *whoo* pardon me
Can't really tell you what He saw in me
All I know He takes all the flaws in me
And He shapes me up like pottery
He's artistry's what I'm called to be
I'm thankful that He's part of me
It's nothing but His blood that keeps me pumping like arteries
I give Him all the praise, serve Him through all my days
I'm building stronger faith, it's no longer a phase
I remember them days when I back-slid like a slip and slide
I thought with all the bad I did, I wasn't adamant with what He did inside
He birthed that new man, that true man - president
Ain't nothing you can do man to ruin what was heaven sent
On Calvary He died for me, cut His flesh - anatomy
Until they seek the truth they'll never get it

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