Stuck In The Morning by Night Beats

Your stuck in the morning
Find yourself dead
All your bitter memories
Still in your head

You rise from your coffin
You dig yourself through
Left your heart outside
And cigarettes too

It starts in the morning
You ask yourself why
Why your bruised up arms
Can't hold you tight
If I am an outlaw
Then I'd be half dead
Please lord let me go freely
Or shackle my head

Sometimes these days don't mean a thing
Sometimes a heart don't mean a ring
Sometimes the sun beats you back down
They'll keep on knockin', they keep knockin' at your door

You're lost in the morning
You're never on time
Though the days go backwards
In your mind

If time is a concept
Then I would skip class
All the faded tears
It's never fast

Your stuck in a moment
Pining for someone else
They'll keep on knockin'
They keep knockin' at your door

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