Swallow by 12012

Let's run away from here
In the deep forest I'm laughing at loneliness
The sky is too quiet I'm bathing in the shower of a
grieving moon, laughing
Days of a possible rebirth

A new feeling The seed of a hopeful age
Let's sow it, singing loud
Fog is enveloping the forest Opening its mouth
Let's write a letter To "beloved me" back then

Goodbye Bury it Bury it Swallowing everything I walked in
days of accusation
Goodbye Loving each other Killing each other Making sure
of each other I screamed a question

A shadow on my mind

I'm looking at the blue sky now, reflecting my heart
Inside a rusted dream I'm laughing at loneliness
I avert my eyes I hide But it comes attacking
This helpless heart and these scars

How I wish I could get up

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