Sweat Love To Shine by Left Lane Cruiser

Feel that heat running right down the line
Falling all over cuz you hot all the time
Feel that fuzz creepin' 'round in yo' pine
That's how they do cuz we hot all the time
Destruction to mind, Swamp Dogg speak the truth
The word's on the street and that's my only proof
Feel that heat my sweat love to shine
Shakin' us down, make us step on that line

Please don't taze me, bro, patience required
Stone me walking, putting fuel on the fire
Stack some up and then I knock some back down
Smoke leg of hog, weave life into sound
Snatch my freedom, my funds, and my crown
Put me in a hole, just my nose above ground
Keep on rising, fo' sho' I'm back up
Cuz I'll be steppin' out of my mercury stuff

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