Sweet Talkin' Man by Delbert Mcclinton

[Verse 1]
He used to play a red guitar
In a boogie band
And every time you see him
He's got a long neck in his hand
He's wearin' two-toned handmade boots
He got a big tattoo that says "I never lose"
The number one, top of the line
Sweet-talkin' man

[Verse 2]
He's every daddy's nightmare
And every daughter's dream
He can make you love him
Or make you so mad you could scream
And when he walks out that door
He always leaves you wantin' just a little bit more
Hе's the number one, top of thе line
Sweet-talkin' man
He'll say the same thing to you
Just you wait and see
Like everybody from Tampa to Timbuktu
And all points in between

He soaks up women like a sponge
He leaves 'em wringin' their hands, 'cause he's the number one
Top of the line
Sweet-talkin' man
Yeah, he's the number one, top of the line
Shit-talkin' man

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