Terrene by Auras

Unexpected wavelengths
Pulsating through my glass window
Vision unclear
I've lost the signal
Of my own clouded perception
I cannot harness these foreign senses
Watching the glass shatter upon itself
I've dwelled upon thin ideals
It's casting a shadow upon my innocence
To hold it above us
There's a great pull (great pull)
Levelling our weakened belief to the ground
So are we able to sustain this form
That's crushing our design?
Built by undeveloped code
I feel my breaks starting to malfunction
Within my intellect
I had to gasp for air
As the pressure crushes my shoulders
It then pulls me down to zero (zero)
I see my vantage point
Ever changing
Through the flux of seasons
The lucid truth would have sufficed
As my mind bled its hollow thoughts
It opened my eyes
As it overflowed from my consciousness
I am now struggling to breathe
Break through the sky that has sheltered me
And bring me onward
Move towards the storm
Where the force acts to enlighten our minds
Move on, for there is more to endure
We exist in a complex reign of systems
But refuse to let it define us
We were built to rebuild ourselves
To evolve
I've dwelled upon thin ideals
It cast a shadow upon my innocence
To hold it above us
I will no longer descend to the ground

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