The Best Of Times by Cain's Offering

I used to sit him outside
We would laugh and talk for hours
While he taught this little boy
What it means to be a man, a father

Given to me, given to me
A burden to bear, a crown to wear
A pain to remind me of what I should be

A lesson to learn, a dream to earn
Please the crowd and make him proud
I'll be all can be, show that I'm worthy

He was always there
He would always care
Never leave me scared

I miss him so much...

He would never judge
Never hold a grudge
When I made my choices
He stood by me

It was the best of times
If only someone had told me
How life can fade
How king can fall
I'd change my ways
And all the days I wasted
I'd spend with the ones that I love

Wounds can be opened
And all hearts can be broken
And all words left unspoken
Must then crawl to their graves

We will grow older
And our nights will grow colder
When the moment is over
It will never come back

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