The Blood Moon (feat. C.j. Mcmahon) by A Wake In Providence

The sins of the dead, they do not go unpunished. The flames of my wrath will bring redemption to the wicked. I don't feel care for the cries of man. Curse these eyes, forging a path to which, the holy demise
Cast aside the burden of this vacant mind, subject itself to my twisted words
Afflicted sinners, compromised, corruption at the source, building my enterprise
Straight from the earth, our worlds have collided, I have destroyed everything
I brought you power, money, wealth, and greed you envious creatures. I am the essence of hate. I am your god. The gluttony presents creation. We'll slowly deteriorate, the cell then you must embrace me
The wicked rule in this cruel world, feeding on the broken. The weak will wither with disdain as their flesh incinerates. Their offspring will be sacrificed, leaving delusions of your deity inside
This is genocide
Welcome to the new world order, behold my empire. The black sun will bring decay, The blood moon will eat the light of day
Replacing the truth with all of my lies, embracing my holy disguise. Free will's a fallacy. My will is placed inside
Now as my sins begin to take shape, the fruits of my efforts will not be mistaken. Ruthless killing for my pleasure, their rules have been forsaken long ago
A common occurrence in this world, the darkness in man's heart. I had planted my seed, but it had been there from the start. You were never meant to see the world in its final form. So spend your life in oblivion, cast from the shadows of the holy land, banished to the underworld. The morning star has come, I will breed this hated vision
I've replaced them all with my own kind, and you'll live in a world where the holy are mine. You're a sinner winning and nothing is wrong, brainwashed into believing in these hollow psalms
This world is mine, can't you see we are the holy? This is world is mine, don't forget your false idols. He pretends to be your god as he prays at my feet
You to will follow his lead, relinquish your ties to this world that you call home
This world is mine. This world is mine

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