The Clean Up by Ceo Trayle

(DJ Mil-Ticket)
Ayy, you say you wanna score, let's go score again
Ayy, drive the 'Cat faster than her boyfriend
Ayy, ayy

You say you wanna score, let's go score again
Twenty dollars for them Percocets, need more with tens
Uh, they tryna catch the wave, I'm back on shore again
Say I drive that Hellcat faster than her boyfriend
I be really blackin', streets say they want more again
In the streets attackin', this Wock', won't pour no gin
I don't do no favors, I ain't doin' no more favors then
I play the kitchen with my pots, Big Folks play the den
We all slide, then make surŠµ you let them steppŠµrs in
Thought I was gon' sign a small deal, nigga, let's guess again
Take off when you hear that car peel, nigga, better catch a wind
I got some niggas on a shirt, some niggas in the pen'
I'll feel better after I pop a Perc', then check again
They thought I was down bad, I'm gettin' back to that check again
If I can do this shit all over, he'd get stretched again, uh
Baby say she innocent, I don't believe her, uh
CEO the businessman, 4 roll the weed up
12 can't catch that 'Cat again, they tryna speed up, uh
7.62s, they gettin' in, they Swiss cheesed up
Racks hold my pants down, can't pull my jeans up
If a nigga want some smoke now, I roll my sleeves up
Any minute, it can go down, boy, put your beams up
Ayy, have your homie wrapped like a mummy, King Tut
Uh, steady drinkin' codeine, got a lean gut
Ayy, I was steady servin' dope fiends, it didn't mean much
Tell her suck it 'til she OD, clean the seeds up
Uh, hurricane with the head, no crystal beads up
Ayy, free Yak, he'll be right here still throwin' B's up
And free 17, he'll be right here rollin' trees up
Bitch had thought she was gon' get good, she signed a prenup
Everybody else sign NDAs while Big 4 clean up

Song writer(s): CEO Trayle

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