The Dioscuri by Tony Pain

Aye look
This shit right here is history
How i made it this a far a mystery
Ain't stoppin till we have victory
Making the opps life misery
Been out the game like an injury
Dominos how i bring the delivery
Diamond gold how my chains be slippery
All these chains but im living in liberty
Sit down get tuned wit the takeover
With this mac i could em makeover
Bossmade you know I'm the stakeholder
Need 2 bitches just call em over
Smoking gas i ain't never sober
Making trap plays on the motorola
Sipping bubble i ain't talking soda
Lil bitch you gotta meet the quota
Straight shots, ion do corona
Got her legs up like she doin yoga
We sliding deep heading to taboga
Ima thot, you know I'm tryna bone her
Wine for me, while they play controla
I just smashed twins no minnesota
The head good put me in a coma
Since high school always been a stoner
High grades of the marijuana
Late nights in mamajuana
She in my ear but i don't want her
Only focused on making dollars
Foe em ain't with the drama
Gotta draco hit ya big poppa
Plug know Ima big shoppa
Can't trust niggas , gotta move proper
They'll do a stain for 100
But they claiming they 100
But i always been a hunnit
Free smoke who want it?
Ask who around who run this?
Shows I already doneit
Platforms been running
Videos with no budget
Dioscuri went published
Clothing line went public
Team always gotta uplift
New 38, gotta upit
Causing all of this ruckus
Slide on the ops, new bucket
LAX where my luggage
Once i touchdown smoke nuggets

First track they telling me slowup
Got bitches just waiting for my blowup
Ion play wit these kids ima grownup
In GTS, gang doing donuts
For you hating ass niggas just hold nuts
Intro but I'm walling nigga so what
Niggas talk hot but they so butt
Bitches be bouje but they look cut
Like kyrie irving bitch I'm too clutch
We can't link if you ain't tryna fuck
Bitches know I'm too much
Young nigga just chasing bucks
You other rappers just outta luck
Cause I'm back now and ya niggas suck
Ain't no comp just pack it up
She gotta fat ass tell her back it up
In niggas vids you a extra
You be dick riding your fellas
I'm on first class on the delta
Smoking wedding cake a fiesta
I had to drop first semester
Became my own investor
I stay on point , jay play the guard
Then opi playing center
Power moves when I'm steppin
BMG what I'm reppin
Heading to the bag, gotta get this cash
I can't let this shit come second
Tony pain well connected
Giving more than you expected
My flow sick, I'm too ill
Whole track infected
Top spot where I'm headed
All you other niggas is deaded
Everything i touch gold , time to give a nigga credit
Neimans marcus with the debit
You gotta check in like a tenant
Tell me how, tony tone is the future but I'm living in the present

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