The Flood by Enter The Haggis

By 2 pm the rain is gone
Clear and cold above
Water slowly fills the shadows on the lawn
And never makes a sound
Leave it all behind you and head for higher ground
All these years
Of commitments and careers
And we're all up to our ears in fear and doubt
And water flowing
Down and out
Down and out
We all try
To drown it out
Drown it out
And stay dry
We all try
Quietly the valley fills
With nothing but a sigh
They shake their heads from high up on the hill
Where everything is dry
No need to build a boat under sympathetic skies
So we fight
To be warm and watertight
It's not the sunshine blinding us
It's just the fear of finding that we're
And maybe there's still time
Maybe we should find a tree to climb
But it's easy not to be afraid
We simply close our eyes
And watch the water rise

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