The Ghost Network by Art Far Away

I can hear these voices from below, screaming save us from this dark glow
In perdition there's this moment of light, moving closer to the other side

Children screaming daddy don't go, don't leave us here, it way too cold. We will starve and never grow old

Little Johnny rode his bike out in the streets. Metal against meat, there's no other way when they two meet

Lovely Lisa knew her boyfriend could get mad, she could take a few hits and lie about it because she loved him. But this time he never stopped and left behind a broken home, broken nose, broken bones, broken heart

I can hear Ghosts

Rose looked for her mother amidst the naked people, screaming out her name. Her mother found her and held her close. Whispered in her ear that everything will be just fine. Then they filled the showers with gas

I can hear Ghosts

Don't cry, it was your time to go
Please leave, you don't want to become a Ghost
You'll be left all alone. But I'll help you. Goodbye my love

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