The Men's Movement by Consolidated

It's Summer Slam '90!

[Male audience member 1]
"I like to slam. You don't like to slam? You telling me, 'Don't slam'? You're telling me what the fuck to do? I think that's censorship. I think - I wanna slam.  I'm gonna fucking slam. If you don't-"

[Male audience member 2]
"Fuck, we're not out to hurt anyone. And if it does, it is an accident. People get hurt all the time."

[Male audience member 3]
"It's called 'controlled violence,' man. No one's here to hurt anyone. Everyone is here to have a good time and jump up and down. If you can't deal with it, get in the back."

[Female audience member 1]
"Excuse me, but you say that your violence is controlled. This is not violence. I am anticipating ahead, and yet you're slamming into me. And it hurts! It hurts! Your elbows are in my head, went into my ribs, and you can just FUCK OFF! If you don't like it, get in the back!"

A cross kick and...goes down! Another one!

[Male audience member 4]
"If you don't want to slam, get the fuck out of here!"

Watch the Macho King fly off the ropes with his elbow smash into that chump, Brutus Beefcake
No way!

[Male audience member 5]
"Who gives a shit about slam dancing/not slam dancing? There's more important issues out there."

[Female audience member 2]
"I want to know why all the 12-year olds bouncing up and down are still trying to kill each other, even though you request them not to?"

[Male audience member 6]
"People that bounce into each other, it's a form of unity. It's the whole place becomes one! One together! And we're not out to hurt people. We're not out to be violent, we're out to have fun! You know, I bond with people like this. I exchange sweat...and it's awful lie that only males can do this. Because I go to these places, girls get in, they don't get hurt. They enjoy themselves, and I really, you know, and I'm also a little surprised that the only way you try to deal with it was by sending in the goons, man. You gotta try to talk to us first."

[Consolidated member]
"We did, we stopped the music-"

[Male audience member 6]
"No no no, you -"

[Consolidated member]
"-twice. We stopped the music twice before they ever came out, without us asking."

[Male audience member 6]
"I understand. No. I know this, but -"

[Female audience member 3]
"I just have one thing to say. And I'm speaking for all of us. About the slam dancing. I'm talking about the slam dancing. We're all short girls. We can't protect ourselves against you guys. All right? We're here- we're here to watch the show. We're here to watch the show, not to get beat up."

God made man to be a leader, and God made woman to be his helpmeet, to meet his needs. So I believe the Bible teaches that God instilled in a woman a submissive heart, and a heart that wants to please the man of her life

[Male audience member 7]
"I'm just curious when this new revelation about 'No Dancing' took place, because I saw you, like, last year in Ohio, and, I mean, you talk about vegetarianism- you talk about vegetarianism, and you talk about America number one and 'no war' and all that, but all of a sudden there's this like no dancing. I mean, your format is for dancing - aggressively, at that. I mean - we don't stand there and punch each other, okay? I mean, if you don't like it, move out of the way. We don't, like, grab you by your hair and drag you in."

[Female audience member 4]
"I just want to say, I come here with my hard-earned money, and I pay my money and I don't feel like getting kicked in my fucking head."

...say to be a woman, and appeal to us...grab her...He might even have sex, right on the kitchen floor

Watch the Macho King fly off the ropes with his elbow smash into that chump, Brutus Beefcake
No way!

[Male audience member 8]
"You sit here, and you play McDonalds commercials for us. I mean, we don't come here to watch McDonalds commercials. We pay twelve good American dollars, we want good industrial music. You oppress us. You don't let us dance because somebody's going to get hurt, man. What's the point of coming to an industrial show if we can't dance? What are we going to do? We'll buy your freaking tape, and we'll listen to it at home and save our fucking twelve dollars"

It's what we've come to expect from World Wrestling Federation action, especially here at Summer Slam

[Male audience member 9]
"We pay twelve dollars to see your show. Whether or not you like it, the way we dance, that's for the bouncers to decide. That is not for you to decide."

Wham bam Summer Slam! Where bagpipes are hot, and Baghdad's not!

[Male audience member 10]
"I think y'all have the wrong idea about the pit. In a good pit, that is the ultimate respect for each another - in a good pit. Because, if in a good pit, if you fall, they pick you up, and it's a, it's a mutual agreement of thrashing "

The hunt involves preparation and knowing the animal and knowing wood's lore and being in tune with the outdoors

[Male audience member 11]
"Every time I go to a show all right, everybody's got to slam, all right? Does that make you a man, 'cause you got to slam somebody?"

You know, hunting is more than a recreation sport for me. It's almost religious around here

[Female audience member 5]
"There's a lot of men that fuck with me, and I get my shit bruised the fuck up, and it's really great that people on the stage saying that I'm going to get my shit beat out of me, because I am! And it's fucking awesome, and I gotta say that we should be peaceful, and people can be violent without fucking punching people in the eye"

Watch the Macho King fly off the ropes with his elbow smash into that chump, Brutus Beefcake
No way!

[Male audience member 12]
"I'm here because I have no underwear on, and I'm here to party"

I think most people would find... as aggressive, and authoritarian, strong

Watch the Macho King fly off the ropes with his elbow smash into that chump, Brutus Beefcake
No way!

It's Summer Slam '90!

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