The Night Guy by Hamell On Trial

Don't even glance at that chair, you can't even sit there, that my friend is a prohibited stool. You must be new around here, drink your shot and your beer, I'll stock the cooler and get around to you. I've worked here 30 years, selling shots pouring beers, I served their daddies and I will serve their sons. Some come and some go, dealing meth, dealing blow, check i.d.'s and sometimes I check guns. Making pals, pimping gals, pass fail bail or jail, mostly regulars the neighborhood face, and on that stool to your right, without fail every night sat the quietest man that ever made this place
I see it all, I'm the Night Guy

We knew his name was John Brown, maybe lived here in town, more than that the facts were few and far between. But on this you could be sure, he'd walk certain through that door everytime Katy waitressed or cleaned. Yeah Katy worked those shifts, where thank Christ she had that gift, calm a hothead with a look or song like tone. A man would be ready with his gun, she'd smile and say, 'now hon' he'd hang his head and peacefully go home. Yeah if Katy was on the floor, John Brown came through that door, you could set your watch, surely could depend. Rare interactions would occur, oh they barely spoke a word, like silent partners but so much more than friends
I detected that, I'm the Night Guy

Well Katy had taken up with a cop, the relationship she tried to stop, he was brutal, certainly wasn't right. He would stalk her, ticket her car, harass her at the bar, you see him coming rest assured it gonna be a rough night. This Officer Tumble was a sadistic creep, the night patrol he did keep, on the take with his hands in several plays. Gangster clowns he'd shake them down, he'd traffic girls downtown but Katy was the prize that he most craved. He would intimidate and taunt his power he would flaunt figuring finally for peace we would show Katy the door and she'd have to go back to him it would be Officer Timble for the win but Timble didn't know what fate would have in store
I suspected, being the Night Guy

Katy had a son in a wheelchair who, everybody at the bar loved and knew, 12 years old, crippled but he could get around. Timble had seen him many times, but he shut the bar down and issued fines, little boy underage and he wheeled the kid downtown. Had Katy' s kid in a holding cell, with John Brown that didn't sit well, Officer Timble took off at midnight to get a bite. He met a roadblock at the edge of town, odd on a still night a tree went down, he left his patrol car to check with a flashlight. Timble's body was never to be found, but rumor did get around it was 2 shots from a sniper in the trees. Turned out later, it was a fact, John Brown had done two tours of Iraq, and so began an unsuccessful manhunt with the deputies

So my friend you can't sit there, that is reserved it's John Brown's chair and if he ever comes back the drinks will all be free. Everything I said is the truth, Katy will get you a drink in your booth and if you need anything just ask for me
I'm the Night Guy

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