The Sentence by Potter Payper

Good girl, I know you're lonely and you're missing him
That's why you're getting up early just to visit him
You bring his clothes up and you send him pictures in
But to really wait for a man takes discipline
He's in that cell, he feels that paranoia kicking in
It's like every other day now you're bickering
He ain't perfect but he's worth it, that's what you tell yourself
But he didn't ask to be in this predicament
And plus there's all that stuff you never dealt with
Got you asking shit, how could he be so selfish?
Put yourself in his shoes, he's in a cell pissed
A million things on his mind, his whole world's flipped
And he ain't even thinking about that bail myth
Cah the system already failed him and you know it
The first couple months dragging, you're crying and you lose sleep
But you're used to the routine
And if you've learned anything it's to stand on your two feet
Or not, shit you might be in too deep
But you're discovering your independence
And everywhere you go you get attention
But you don't wanna tell him though
Cah you don't wanna stress him
What about when you get to thinking about your transgressions?
Good girl with good intentions
Man this ain't the time for vengeance
And you ain't just his woman, you're his best friend
Now you're partners in everything, you're feeling co-dependant
For you he'd do anything, ride for you like co-defendants
Shit he's just praying that he makes it through his sentence
He's just praying that he makes it through his sentence
It's been a while, now them visits are familiar
But every time you come you're looking prettier
Sometimes you feel your phone and you don't pick it up
You built a life in his absence, now you're busier
Noticing a change in your behaviour
You bucked up with your friend and she's a raver
You're complacent, now you're acting like a stranger
What's up with you? You're supposed to be his saviour
He even had a conversation with the jailer
And then the registrar's signing the paper
Gotta let that star shine, don't be a hater
Cah if it's meant to be, it's meant to be later

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